Whats all this?

As the New Year is beginning I have decided that I want to try write something that people might find interesting enough to read. This blog is going to be my attempt at that. As of right now I don’t know how often I’ll write but my aim is once or twice a month (I’m a college student so my time is already minimal). What am I going to write about you might ask? Well let me tell you! As I mentioned before I’m a college student, and I am currently going to school in Michigan. If you’re from the mainland you might be thinking, “well that’s not all that interesting.” But as the title of my blog kind of gives away I’m from the Big Island of Hawaii and I decided to travel half way across the country to the cold state of Michigan! (Yay for life choices!) Anywho.. This blog is probably going to be a mix of different things. It could be experiences I have had after moving, things I grew up doing that are completely foreign to mainlanders, little things I’ve noticed people doing in Michigan that leave me with a blank stare thinking, “Please stop.. that’s embarrassing.” Or things that I do that probably have other people thinking the same thing. Basically it’s my experience as a Big Island raised girl in a Michigan world.

Disclaimer: I say “Big Island Girl” for multiple reasons. The obvious being that I was born and raised there, but also because I didn’t want to say “Hawaiian girl.” Even though I was born and raised in Hawaii I am not Native Hawaiian. In fact I’m not even what a local person looks like. I’m what some might call a “local haole” which is basically a white person raised in Hawaii. I’m from a small town on the Hamakua Coast and went to public high school the town over. But this blog is not supposed to be about my life growing up in Hawaii, it’s supposed to be about the changes I’ve faced since I left. I hope you all enjoy! I hope to have another post following this one soon.


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