Slippers! I mean.. Flip Flops

As weird as it might be one of the biggest adjustments of moving to the mainland was shoes… You might be thinking “Shoes? Why was that such a big problem?!” Well let my tell you. What everyone here calls flip-flops, I call slippers. If you were in Hawaii and you said flip-flops everyones response would be. Tourist. So just a heads up if you’re headed to Hawaii and don’t want to look like a complete tourist. Once people at school started to hang out with me enough they stopped noticing my use of the word “slippers” some even started saying it with me! But then every once in a while there would be someone that hadn’t heard me say it and so when it came out of my mouth I would get a blank stare…. to which I would respond, “that’s what people in Hawaii call flip-flops.” They don’t always question it, but when they do I feel like it never stops. “Why do you call them slippers? Then what do you wear inside the house?” To which I respond that what we wear in the house are fuzzy slippers, and that’s if we even wear them. Come on people, I live in Hawaii. Then starts the argument of “that’s stupid, you shouldn’t call them slippers. You live in the mainland now, call them what they are.” I have even had people steal items of mine and say they wouldn’t return them until I used what they believed the correct term was. I never gave in. They are slippers, I have always called them slippers, and I will never stop calling them slippers.

I was happy wearing my slippers when school first started. But then winter came and for the first time in my life I had to put shoes on every morning. People started asking me if I was tired of winter yet. I said no, the thing that I really hated was having to put shoes on every morning! I had worn shoes more in those first couple months of school then my entire life put together!! When I’m home I’m either bare foot or wearing slippers. Unless of course I have to wear close toed shoes for work or to workout. But other then that I wasn’t someone to wear boots just because they look good. I mean, they became part of the style when I was in high school but again… WE LIVE IN HAWAII IT’S TOO HOT TO WEAR CLOSE TOED SHOES ALL THE TIME. Plus I’m just incredibly practical and didn’t want to spend money on something unless I needed it.

Pros To Growing up without shoes

  • You get really good at climbing trees
  • I have the ability to open round door knobs with my toes, and wearing slippers allows me to do so.
  • You get really tough feet to the point you can run on gravel with no problem
  • In Hawaii you can wear slippers for literally every occasion. School, church, weddings, the beach. You name it and you can probably do it.
  • You don’t have to spend a million dollars on shoes to go with every outfit

Cons to Growing up without shoes

  • You end up having flat feet from lack of arch support
  • When you wear shoes you are at a disadvantage. FOR EXAMPLE: When my dad was young he was a pretty good football player. A lot of which was thanks to his speed. But that was when he was on the beach or at the park not wearing shoes. When he got to high school he decided to try out for the football team… but he had to put on shoes. He was so used to NOT wearing shoes when he ran that he didn’t know how to run WITH them. He then lost all his speed and decided not to play on the high school team.
  • Your feet tend to get stained from the dirt and grass you are always walking around on. As a kid my feet were permanently a brownish green from never having shoes on.
  • Theres a very good chance that you’re going to have a lot of scars because you’ve stepped on so many sharp objects and/or stubbed your toes.
  • Lacing boots up every morning to go out in the snow has therefore turned out to be one of the biggest hassles in the world.


People who have worn shoes their whole life have never really experienced freedom. Imagine what would happen if someone stole all your shoes? What would you do? Well I’ll tell you one thing, it would probably suck walking on hot or rocky ground. I on the other hand will never really have that problem. From years of no shoes I will always have somewhat tough feet, even after months of wearing shoes. The people who have worn shoes their whole life? They will always have baby feet.



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