Spreading the Aloha

For my English class I had to write a paper in which I taught people something. So I wrote about how not to look like a tourist when going to Hawaii. Here it is. Are there houses? What about cars? Should I bring my own cereal? Some might think these questions are important as they … More Spreading the Aloha

You’re from where?

Meeting someone at college for the first time the question of, “where are you from?” often comes up. Most of the time the response to a out-of-state person is “Oh cool” or if they’re from far enough away, “How did you decide on this school?” While my set of questions starts off the same way it … More You’re from where?

Whats all this?

As the New Year is beginning I have decided that I want to try write something that people might find interesting enough to read. This blog is going to be my attempt at that. As of right now I don’t know how often I’ll write but my aim is once or twice a month (I’m … More Whats all this?